Eufy doorbell hidden network interference?

I regularly check my wifi network with Inssider. This has helped me a lot in diagnosing issues.
Recently I saw a hidden network pop up that was moving from time to time between channels on the 2.4Ghz band, regularly right on top of my 2 access points (with manually set channels).
After some checking, I figured out this must be the eufy doorbells homebase that sets up a communication in the 2.4Ghz band. After some contact with eufy support they confirmed that this was the connection between the doorbel and the homebase, ut they insist this can not cause any interference. This doesn’t fit into my Networking 101, or does it?

Hi ddeconin,

Great question! Any WiFi packet on a channel can cause some interference but in this case it is probably too negligible to make much affect your network performance. If there were 100 doorbells broadcasting on channel 6 then yes, there would be interference similar to management overhead.

Since RF is invisible to the human eye, the only real way to observe interference in this manner would be to grab a spectrum analyzer of some sort, such as the Wi-Spy here.

I hope this helps!