Eye P.A. Crashes

I have a question, when I use my open Eye P.A. if I am on the current AP’s 5 GHz channel and run a scan, once I stop the scan it closes the program. No matter how many packets are scanned.
If I use any other channels and run a scan, it does not close and I can view the packet captures. 2.4 GHz Channels work on all cases…
Any ideas what would cause this?
I am using Windows 10 and Edimax AC1750 adapter, Eye P.A. version

I reverted to an older version and had no problems. So now, I’m wondering if it is adapter related or my computer. I am not smart enough to see what I need to do next…

@23tcpipdhcp Sorry about the crashes! Which version is working for you?
Does the crashing version save the .pcap before the crash? If so, will you send it to me for analysis? (My email is ryan@____.com). Thanks!!

@23tcpipdhcp Thanks for sending the .pcap! The crashed was caused by .11n style MCS index of 15 being treated like .11ac style MCS index, which has a max value of 9; see Packet #3 in attached screenshot. Eye P.A. now checks for this case and translates the .11n MCS Index into .11ac style MCS index and spatial stream count.

This update will be included in the next release, after it’s been through more QA. Expect an update early next week.

I see. Thank you so much for pointing that out and helping me with this. I appreciate it.