Eye-PA bug causing crash

Found a minor bug.
If I copy a MAC address and it grabs a trailing space, when I go to paste it in the MAC address filter field, the program immediately crashes. I figured it out after a few tries, but I had to paste the MAC addr to Notepad and fix it before pasting it into Eye-PA.

Hi jecos,

Interesting bug! Can you let me know where in Eye P.A. you are copying the MAC address with the extra space at the end? I wasn’t able to copy a space at the end of MAC address under Visualize > Client drill-down

I could have clarified this better. I opened an existing .pcap file that someone had sent me and I was looking for a specific MAC address that I had copied from Excel.


Hi jecos,

Understood, this issue has been captured and sent to our development team for review. Stay tuned.