Eye P.A. crashes after capture

Eye P.A. is crashing after performing a packet capture. Could this be site or ap hardware specific problem? If I reopen, save the cap and try and open it, it crashes again. I can load older captures.

I’ve now done a new capture at another location and it’s working. Any ideas why this particular location and/or hardware would cause the software to crash?

Hello w1f1n00b,

We have seen an issue similar to this and will be releasing an update that may fix it. Can you let me know what version of Eye P.A. you are running?

Currently running
I’m not positive if that is the same version I took the pcap with, as my first troubleshooting step was to uninstall and reinstall the software. I do know that the troublesome pcap still crashes Eye P.A. when trying to open it with
This is the first time or location where this has happened, and it was a capture where I have older AP hardware (not sure if related). Other than this, the software has worked well.

So, I’m back at a site with the same hardware as with the previous issue, and it appears to only be crashing when capturing ch6 or ch11. I can perform captures on ch1 and 5GHz channels without issue. Possibly of note is that inssider is seeing an hp printer on ch6 and what appears to be a Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter on ch11. Not sure if that could be contributing, or possibly in conjunction with the Wi-Fi hardware model (AP in both cases where Aerohive AP330). I can also try capturing off of an AP330 in my lab to rule out the interfering devices.

Hello w1f1n00b,

We will be releasing Eye P.A. 2.3.1 sometime later today or tomorrow. Once that version is out and installed on your machine, please let us know if you still are experiencing this crash!

All seems Ok with the new version! Thanks for all you do. Loving this whole bundle of tools. Kudos on Rampart Home also. Looks like something that can really go a long way to help people. Now I want a similar enterprise level tool that can selectively log items for retroactive troubleshooting.

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