Is it possible to save spectrum graph?

I need to save the spectrum graph for later analysis.
Also all seen AP.
Basically everything that is seen on screen.

Is it possible?
Is there an API or SDK to access this information if the current app doesn’t do it?

Hi @bjorn! Unfortunately, we don’t have a reporting function, API, or SDK available at this time. Can you describe the output that you’re looking for from Wi-Spy Air and Air Viewer? Are you looking to export and play back a recording, do you want to export still graphics?

Hi Joel,
I assumed that everything you saw in the window would be saved when you did a snapshot.
The basic idea is to get a view of the radio spectrum at different locations.
If this is too much data for cloud storage and too much transfer time, then save it on the phone and then sync it to a desktop/laptop.
Not sure if there is a good data format for spectrum data, so you can do comparisons from different snapshots. If we get it in a raw format so we can hack a visualization in Python or in csv in Excel(!) than we are good to go.

Saving all seen AP and possibly all clients with signal strength would be great.

Stretch goal is do some analysis of, for example, number of resend etc, and this may require pcap snapshot. It would be great if you have several AP to monitor on a location, you could list all of them and give the all the keys to Wi-Spy Air so it could also sniff the data.