hi how do i post a question stuck on "starting wifi scanner" ver 5 3 19

hi how do i post a question stuck on “starting wifi scanner” ver 5 3 19

Hello @fuitricom, sorry to hear about the trouble with inSSIDer. The “starting wifi scanner” message appears while inSSIDer is waiting for the Windows Wi-Fi AP to return data about the Wi-Fi networks in the area. Usually when the app hangs on that screen it is because the Wi-Fi adapter is not responding. This can be because the driver isn’t working correctly, or because Wi-Fi is disabled, for example, because the laptop is in airplane mode.

What Wi-Fi adapter are you using (you can see this in the status bar at the bottom of the inSSIDer window)? Are you able to connect to your Wi-Fi and get out to the internet?


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Ah ha! That little airplane icon indicates that your laptop is in airplane mode, and the WiFi is disabled. Often there is a button on the top row of the keyboard that toggles airplane mode on/off. Otherwise, you can find a little airplane in the notification area of the Start/Taskbar and use that to turn airplane mode off and re-activate your Wi-Fi adapter.

Youre right

But the strange thing is, My Lenovo s400 laptop can have Wifi ON and Airplane mode ON at the same time (But wasn’t really in Airplane mode)

As long as wifi is on, the program scans and works

I don’t even have to be connected to the wifi link

Yes, now that you are allowed to use Wi-Fi (and Bluetooth) on airplanes, it doesn’t really make sense for “airplane mode” to disable them, but many machines still do. My HP Spectre automatically turns Wi-Fi off when I enter “airplane mode,” but it also has the ability to manually re-enable Wi-Fi while staying in “airplane mode.”

The icon in the inSSIDer status bar is looking at the adapter hardware status, and the airplane icon indicates when an adapter is disabled. For example, in this image, I had my “airplane mode” OFF, and my Wi-Fi DISABLED.

Same thing on my machine

Many thanks

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