How do I un-star a network or change my starred network?

If you have created a site in Snapshots AND have selected that site (auto-selected if it is the only site that matches), then inSSIDer won’t let you change your starred network. From the Snapshots sidebar click the top link to View All Sites and then you can change your starred network there or un-star your network.

You can only star one network at a time!

Thanks! Been trying to figure that one out for days.

No longer working as of the 5.3 update. No option to “View all sites”

@raymondggoldstein Have you already taken a snapshot? The “View All Sites” link disappears once you take a snapshot, because it locks your site for the session.
Running inSSIDer again should show the “View All Sites” again, allowing you to star a different network.
I’m curious why you are switching the starred network? We are looking into being able to star multiple networks…

Thank you Ryan. Restarting fixed it. I would LOVE to star multiple networks. I have 2 separate SSIDs, one for user devices, and a second for IOT/Home Automation devices.