How many APs in your typical network?

How many APs are in the typical network that you manage? Do they also have a guest SSID(or other additional SSID?

Higher ed here, we have about 2900 active access points currently and have 3 primary SSIDs at the moment- guest, secure, and “byod” (MAC registration)

Wow! So this is a fairly large campus? Multiple buildings?

Yes. Multiple buildings, actually at this point technically multiple sites as well

We got 12 AP’s here. No guest account.

Three, with differents networks.

5 is not unusual; largest for me has been 10; usually there are at least 2 data VLANS, often 3 data VLANS (this does not include a VoIP VLAN which is often also there). Usually I create a guest VLAN for visitors and not use an access point built in visitor account.

So 2-3 data VLANs, a VOIP VLAN, and a guest VLAN? All on the same AP?