Anyone try the Intel AX210 NIC?

I ordered one on Amazon last month, but it was mangled when I received it so I could not use it and returned it. Anyone know a good source?


I got one here. Doubled my internal network speeds over the Qualcomm one I had in the same machine on Wifi 5 (Asus AC68u). Don’t have any 6 equipment yet to test that piece out.

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Cool. I just ordered another one off of Newegg. Hopefully I can increase my WLAN throughput speed too. I have the same router. I just got a AX AP at work, WiFi 6 only, but I wanted to play with that to see what kind of speeds I can get on that. Hopefully we start getting more 6E routers this year. I’m not quite ready to drop money on the Asus GT-AXE11000 just yet.

Same on the router front… Due to the size and construction of my house, I really need 2 APs to get proper coverage. I’d have to sell a kidney to get 2x AXE11000s, not to mention paying that for the privilege of beta testing for Asus (as is the case with any Asus router under a year old :slight_smile: ) Everything truly important is wired anyway, so I can get by for a while…