inSSIDer Agent (Experimental)

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While inSSIDer provides a comprehensive look at the entire WiFi environment, inSSIDer Agent is laser-focused on just your WiFi connection. This focus allows inSSIDer Agent to be very lightweight, with a clean, simple interface. It is also designed to be always-on, yet not in-your-face. The main window can be hidden, leaving just a small icon in your system tray, that will notify you when your WiFi connection changes or your computer roams to a different access point.

Synchronizing Dropbox

inSSIDer Agent is free for everyone with a MetaGeek account, and can be downloaded from:

Please let us know your thoughts, what could be improved and any other suggestions you have!

inSSIDer Agent is still in an early experimental stage, so it might crash randomly and/or behave erratically…


@Ryan, this is nice! I really like having a quick view of which AP and channel I’m connected to and my connection speed. Bandwidth utilization is also nice to have, but I haven’t stressed it yet. It took a while for the Signal Quality to change from NA and I wasn’t sure that function was working. My wish list: minimize button, option to auto-start with Windows.


Thanks for the feedback! The Signal Quality is linked to an event from Windows that only happens when the Signal Quality Changes; I’ll investigate if there’s a way to ask Windows what the current Signal Quality is, as opposed to waiting for it to notify us on a change.
Currently, inSSIDer Agent will ALWAYS auto-start with Windows.


Looks great, and would love to give feedback, BUT, I’m on a Mac. : ) Should I have any hope to see it?

I have up to 3 wifi adapters connected at one time. They are probably all connected to the same AP, certainly the same SSID, but might be different frequencies. Agent seems to show only one connection. Is it showing me aggregate data or data from just one connection? If one connection then I think it should show me data for each connection.

@tom1 Thanks for trying out inSSIDer Agent! Right now it is just showing one connection… I’ll look into how to improve its handling of multiple adapters.

@pclark We’ve built inSSIDer Agent using a cross-platform architecture and I’m hopeful to explore a Mac proof of concept soon… :crossed_fingers:

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The link above works fine on my computer but when I am looking for the Android app for my phone the search for inssidder Agent finds nothing. Does the android app have a different name?

This is an awesome tool. Thanks. Windows has been needing this for ages. Especially nice to see the AP name that i am connected to (not just a MAC address). The channel / band also very useful. The connection rate in Mb is great as it tells me about the quality of the hookup.
I would also love to see a couple more metrics if they are gettable: MCS and channel width. It may need to be paired up with the AP capability 802.11n/ac/ax.
Also, an option to keep the window on top could be useful when doing simple tests.
Animation in the taskbar icon for certain activities would be useful (RSSI/throughput).
Totally loving this. thanks again.


WiFi Signal for Windows… I like it! MCS rate and RSSI in dB would be a great improvement.

Why not use WiFi Signal on the Mac?

i noticed yesterday that i connected to an AP at 400Mbps, but then saw a download speed reporting 382.9MB/s. Thats Bytes per second, not bits. So i think the network usage may be misreporting by a factor of 8?

Roaming notifications - awesome. thank you again.

+1 for that MacOS POC! Really loving this tool on the various Windows machines in my household.


inSSIDer Agent has a new look! The data is cleaner and hopefully easier to read at a glance.

Actually like this app… find it quite useful…
Not sure if this is out of the scope of this project, but it would be useful if it could tell the difference between a public and private network, and if its going over a metered connection , and a running total of what is being used for data (aka Activity status similar to the connection property box with totals of sent/received )
Reminds me a bit of a lighter version of the windows network statistics box with one click access to Wi-Fi/network status which isn’t obvious in current versions of windows… Seems to be particularly useful when roaming over Xfinity hotspots…
Does this app keep a diagnostic log of connections?

@jolt Thanks for the feedback and suggestions! The app isn’t logging any history yet, and that is something on the roadmap of possibilities that we have discussed.
inSSIDer Agent can differentiate different SSIDs, so it could log totals for each network, which would accomplish the basics for tracking metered data usage.

Agent does not detect when the initial connection is disconnected but there are other connections. Agent claims there are no WiFi connections when there are actually two more.

Hi @tom1, thanks for reporting this issue. I believe this issue is fixed in the newest Rampart Agent, but please let us know if it is still occurring.