Possible inSSIDer Bugs


I’ve just been trying inSSIDer after Ars Technica’s recommendation. Its a pleasure to use compared to alternatives I’ve tried, however some ‘bugs’ possibly.

  • Sometimes doesn’t recognise when a wifi AP has changed channel (but sometimes it does?) On Channels screen it does recognise, but not on Networks screen?
  • Binocular ‘mouse over’ still shows over foreground window, when inSSIDer behind.
  • Binocular ‘mouse over’ sometimes keeps showing when looking at inSSIDer (think Networks screen) even when mouse is away from the list of items. Annoying when you’re trying to read details on list. Seemed particularly the case when sorting by different columns to default on Networks screen.
  • Doesn’t show Channel Utilization for our Google Wifi (2 pucks) or Huawei Wifi Router. However, it does show channel utilization for a neighbours Huawei Wifi Router!? I’ve tried watching videos on latop and iPhone and no utilization shows.



Alex, thanks for trying inSSIDer and for your feedback! Some routers don’t send the QBSS information in their beacons, which contains channel utilization information. My Eero at home is one of the ones that doesn’t show it too :frowning:
Yeah, I agree that the binoculars get in the way; I’ve tried to tweak them a few times and haven’t got it right yet… we’ll keep working on that user interaction.


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