Inssider queries

I just installed inssider on my windows machine and I am unable to understand what I see

It shows only 2.4 GHZ SSIDs(presumably is my wifi card is a 2.4 GHZ only).However I see 2 radios and one is 20 MHZ (channel 9) and the other is 40 MHZ (channels 13-9).Is 802.11n using 20 MHZ channel widths (like 802.11a) and is there is a channel bonding concept in 802.11 n as well?

Hello, I believe I understand what you are seeing, but without an image I can’t be 100% sure. Yes the reason you are only seeing 2.4 Ghz SSID’s is because your WiFi card is 2.4 only. My guess is that either your network has 2 AP’s with one on channel 9 and the other on channel 9, but bonded with channel 13 to create a 40 Mhz wide network. Or you are seeing two separate networks configure that way. It is possible that it is 1 AP with 2 radios I suppose. If these are you AP’s then I would recommend that you set them using Channels, 1, 6, 11 and only 20 Mhz wide. I have attached a couple of articles explain the reason behind this setup on 2.4 Ghz.

Channels 1,6,11

40Mhz wide channels