inSSIDer showing wrong channel width (80 instead of 40)

I have an SSID that is using 40MHz channel width. inSSIDer is showing this as 80MHz. I’ve confirmed via wireshark Radiotap>VHT information>Bandwidth that it is indeed working at 40MHz. Other Wi-Fi scanning software is showing this SSID at the proper 40MHz channel width as well.
inSSIDer version :
AP:Mist AP43

Hi w1f1n00b,

Sorry to hear about the trouble! We are aware of this issue and currently working on a fix. Stay tuned!

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Hey @w1f1n00b, great news! @ryan was able to get this bug fixed. I tested it with my Mist AP43 just now, and both in scan mode, and packet capture mode, inSSIDer displays a 40 MHz channel width when the AP is configured to 40 MHz. We’ll finish putting the next release through our internal quality assurance processes, and release it with this fix. Stay tuned, probably a few more days. :+1:

Hey @w1f1n00b, more good news: we’ve released inSSIDer 5.4, which includes the fix for this issue! Thanks for reporting this, and let us know if you run into any other issues. Thanks, and have a great weekend!