Installing inSSIDer

I am having problems installing inSSIDer, I keep getting a side-by-side configuration error. I am using windows 10 pro and I ran SxSTrace and translated the dump file. here are the results. Any ideas on how to fix this error.


Begin Activation Context Generation.
Input Parameter:
Flags = 0
ProcessorArchitecture = Wow32
CultureFallBacks = en-US;en
ManifestPath = C:\Users\tabor\Downloads\inSSIDerSetup.exe
AssemblyDirectory = C:\Users\tabor\Downloads
Application Config File =

INFO: Parsing Manifest File C:\Users\tabor\Downloads\inSSIDerSetup.exe.
INFO: Manifest Definition Identity is (null).
ERROR: Line 0: XML Syntax error.
ERROR: Activation Context generation failed.
End Activation Context Generation.

Well it just finally installed without any changes to my laptop.