Jabra headsets using 80 MHz wide channels?

I was troubleshooting quality issues while being on call with my wireless Jabra Evolve 65 headset. I noticed some energy on the 5GHz band using 80 MHz wide channels on view different frequencies including channels 36-48, 108-124, >149 which should be used by SRDs (Short Range Devices) in my region (Europe).
The energy disappeared after I closed the call but I was not able to reproduce the same spectral view anymore. Subseqeunt tests showed some energy on 40 Mhz channels (>165)
I’m not sure now if the first view was actually my headset of some SRD which I should pay closer attention too.
Have you ever noticed something similiar?
Can a high number of jabra headset in say a call center environment actually disrupt the 5Ghz band?

subsequent attempt: