Loss of 5Ghz band

I hope someone can help. I have Wi-Spy DBx3, Chanalyzer, I use this to scan the full 5Ghz band. I manufacture wireless speakers that use 22Mhz bandwidth channels on 5.736 GHz, 5.762 GHz and 5.814 GHz. In the past I was clearly able to see my speaker systems use these frequencies. After about two months not using the software, Chanalyzer no longer shows any 5GHz activity, just the 2.4Ghz range (which looks normal with my WIFI activity). I have not made any changes to Chanalyzer and I cannot see any setting to bring back what I need to see. Any help would be much appreciated. Paul

Hello @paul.hilditch, and welcome to the MetaGeek Community! It’s a bummer that your first post is because your DBx isn’t working in the 5GHz band. Based on the behavior, it sounds like a hardware problem caused by one of the RF components on the DBx failing or becoming disconnected. Please contact @casey at our email support and he can work with you to see what options are available for repair or replacement.

Thanks for the reply @brian. I cannot see how I can get in touch directly with @casey regarding this. The link to email support just opens up the general community page. I turned on 5GHz WIFI on one of my access points just to be sure I have some 5GHz activity, my WIFI adaptor shows this up on channels 44-48 but still nothing shows up from DBx. I hope I can get some help soon, as I have been asked to evaluate our automatic channel allocation process.

Sorry the mailto: link didn’t work @paul.hilditch. You can reach @casey at support AT metageek DOT net