Managing Team Subscriptions

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Many of MetaGeek customers are using MetaGeek products to improve Wi-Fi as part of their job – either their own WiFi network or their clients. These customers are part of teams, and many work together with other team members.

Currently all MetaGeek products are sold and operate as individual standalone products, with no awareness of a team – either for managing licenses or collaboration between team members. Enabling our customers to collaborate with their team members will increase the value of our offerings and delight our customers. Providing management of team accounts is standard practice for B2B SaaS and also increases the likelihood of an individual purchase becoming a team purchase.

So… we are working on supporting team management based on the following assumptions. Does this resonate with you? Would this be helpful? What are we missing? Let us know!


  • Teams are typically less than 25 people
  • Teams may have multiple admins
  • Admins are not required to use a subscription seat for themselves
  • Admins should be able to add/remove subscription seats
  • Admins should be able to invite team members and assign subscription seats
  • Only admins can view and manage billing-related activities
  • All team subscriptions should be in a single invoice.

Discussion: How many people are on your team?