MetaGeek Products in Large Enterprise? + roadmap info?

Hi everyone,

I’m fairly new to working with MetaGeek products. I’ve used Eye P.A a bit for “personal use” and have been considering the possibility of getting Enterprise licenses for work (which now redirects to the link only for Chanalyzer 6).

If you’ve used MetaGeek products for large Enterprise use I’d love to get some feedback on your experience working with the applications as well as their sales/support.

I primarily was considering Eye P.A. for visual analysis of already captured packets either from my Ekahau SK2, MacBook, or the APs themselves.

However, I’m having a hard time finding information on if Eye P.A. is still being actively developed since it isn’t in the “products” drop down, enterprise suite links now only redirects to Chanalyzer 6, and last release note was 2+ years ago for Eye P.A… Is everything being rolled into Chanalyzer nowadays?

Is there documented information about what the long-term plans for the product suites are? Even though the product support matrix shows Eye P.A. with no EOS date it seems like improvement releases is far and few between right now.