What happen at the end of MetaGeek Enterprise Suite Subscription?

Hi Metageek,
I have not found a FAQ about MEtageek Subscription but maybe there.
I was wondering what happen if I change my current Eye PA and Chanalyzer licese to a subscription model with Tonic (Metageek Plus). Will I be able to access Eye PA, Chanalizer and Topic at the end of the subscription like it happen today, but without access to new product updates and support?


Hello chustm,

If you are subscribed to MetaGeek Enterprise Suite, you will have access to Chanalyzer, Eye P.A., and Tonic - this includes support as well as any new updates to the software!

Hi Casey,

But my question is, what happen when the subscription ends and I decide not to renew it? Would they continue to work ?

Hello chustm,

The software is now true subscription, meaning if you decide not to renew the software will no longer work.

It software still works. but can’t it be updated?

Yes, you will receive any updates made to the software if you are subscribed to it.

I have some questions about the subscription’s terms and how it affects my access to these tools. Specifically, I’d like to know if, after the subscription period ends, I will still retain access to Eye PA, Chanalyzer, and Tonic, similar to how my current licenses function. Will I continue to have access to these tools, albeit without the ability to receive new product electrical estimating updates and support, once my subscription expires?

WOW… so when the subscription expires, you CANT use the software? what, so it blocks you logging in? - Im not a fan of having to login to software. Double click should open the software, not get you to a login prompt so it can see if your subscription is still active, and block you form using it if its not!
That is a crappy model. Sorry but it is. Obvious that other post about updates, the person didnt read that it wont work if you dont have a current subscription. I have a ton of software that still works even though its expired. What it does is not allow me to receive any updates after the subscription has expired, it doesnt block me form using the software, and we are talking about software that costs $50 to $50,000…