No more activations on license key? License key already in use?

If your license key has 5/5 activations, you can create a MetaGeek account at ( to manage your license key activations directly. With your MetaGeek account, you can:

  1. View all license keys associated with your email address
  2. View activations on each key (including activation date, and how many activations are remaining)
  3. Deactivate a key from a machine (if you switch computers, for example)
  4. Renew MetaCare on a key, if applicable
  5. Download the software installers associated with your license keys
  6. Register Wi-Spy serial numbers
  7. Vote on new MetaGeek product and feature ideas (we count every vote!)
  8. Participate in MetaGeek Community discussions

Is your license key registered to someone else? Send an email to with either your license key or the email of the person who last registered it! Be sure to let us know which email to re-assign the key to.