Sequence Number as a colum in the Packets table

Hello team,

Congrats on Eye P.A which is such a great tool for troubleshooting.
I find myself needing to open the capture from Eye P.A to Wireshark to check Sequence Number of the Data Packets when I have a lot or retries from a device. It will be awesome to have that information directly in Eye P.A as a new column in the Packets table.

Is that doable?


@JonathanRmb, thank for the suggestion! We’ll look into this functionality for Eye P.A. Any other common fields that you regularly have to open Wireshark to examine that could be shown in Eye P.A.?

Thank you @ryan
I also take a look at the 802.11 User Priority to check QoS marking.
Another thought: Wireshark has the ability to use aliases for MAC addresses so the capture is easier to read. Could be a cool feature on Eye PA too :wink:

@JonathanRmb What, you don’t memorize ALL of your MAC Addresses?! :smile: Eye P.A. can alias access points, but not clients. inSSIDer can now alias both APs and clients, so we just need to push that functionality into Eye P.A. as well. It is definitely easier to follow a conversation with aliases!

@ryan all those MAC addresses, it feels like reading the matrix sometimes :crazy_face:

@ryan Having the PWR MGT flag in a column could be nice too:


Thanks for the screenshot! All three of those flags seem useful: More fragments, retry and power management.

Hi @JonathanRmb, I’ve added these two requests (Client MAC aliasing and additional flags) to our development backlog!

Client MAC address aliasing is pretty straightforward, but I am interested in hearing more about what you use More Fragments, Power Management, and User Priority flags for. If you have additional insight to share about how you use these in Wireshark, and what your goals are when you do, that would be super helpful. Thanks!

Hi @Joel
Thanks for adding those feature requests!
I use the Power Management bit to see when a client is waking up and going to sleep. Interesting info when you are wondering in which state a client is when a specific frame is sent through the air (once I had to troubleshoot Channel Switch Announcement that were not being processed by some clients - I had to figure out when the client was in Power Save mode or not).
User Priority is always good to have when dealing with VoWifi phones and making sure the frames are tagged correctly.