Eye P.A. feature request: graph more types of data


I just started using Eye P.A., and I absolutely love it. It already gave me a lot of insight in our WiFi connection problems!

I was wondering if it would be feasible to be have graphs (like the one showing airtime/bytes/packets) for other kinds of data too, like:

  • data rate
  • retry rate
  • RSSI

I think this would give us even more insight into what is happening.

Many thanks in advance,


Hey @MartijnPW, it’s great to hear you ask for these - they’re on the roadmap! It’s super, super nice to get validation that we’re headed in the right direction. Keep an eye on our website and emails so we can let you know when these features are introduced to our products!

Thanks for the quick reply Joel! And I hope this feature will arrive soon.

Meanwhile, is there any other good way that you would recommend, to plot this kind of data?


Unfortunately, I don’t know another way to plot this data, which is a big part of why we’re working on building it into our products. :smiley: