Eye P.A. Support aliases for all connected devices?


I just started using Eye P.A. last week and I absolutely love it. There is one thing that surprised me though: I was able to give my AP an alias, but that feature doesn’t seem to exist for other devices (like phones, laptops etcetera). Am I missing something obvious here?

Is it possible to assign aliases for client devices, based on MAC address?
And if it’s not possible yet, can I please suggest this as a feature request? :slight_smile:

I think that would make the tool even more powerful and easy to use!

Thanks a lot,


Hi Martijn,

This request has been in our backlog for some time now. I will be sure to bump up priority and see where it’s at. Stay tuned!

This one isn’t a question of “if”… it’s a question of “when”. We’ve totally got concrete plans to do this. As always, keep an eye out for Eye P.A. updates!

Hi Joel & Casey,

thanks, that’s good to hear! I hope this feature will make it into the next update.

I wish I could say next update… but unfortunately, we won’t quite be able to get it in that fast. This is definetely top-of-mind for us, as we think it will make things a lot easier (especially in the packets view). Stay tuned!