So wait, is a "Wi-Fi allergy" a real thing?

I stumbled across this post today and was like “whaaaaaa?”

But then went on a quick Google sojourn, and found this:

And then found this:

My personal jury (like, the jury in my head that judges things) is still out on this one. I guess whether or not something is medically “real” depends on what the sufferer is (or is not) entitled to based on their condition.

I’ve worked around power generators for over 43 years and I can tell you my watch that I use to wear would gain time all the time. Otherwise it never screwed my head up.

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Whoa, that’s wild that it affected your watch! That kind of reminds me of the TV show LOST where electromagnetic pulses would make an island in the Pacific disappear and reappear. Trippy…

Also, welcome to the MetaGeek Community, @underoverme ! :wave:

Or did I have that backwards?!

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