Any products for home use?

I purchased the original WiSpy, back when it was $100. Of course that was only 2.4 GHz. With the 50% off sale, are there any products reasonable and useful for home use?

Thank you

I am just a user. Like you, I had the original Wi-Spy. But then I started using program inSSIDer, and in 2008 I bought the Wi-Spy 2.4x. I kept using various free versions of inSSIDer but not using Wi-Spy (2.4x) much.

With the new sale, I have done two things. One is subscribe to MetaGeek Plus which gets me a year of advanced features for inSSIDer (a two week trial is available). Tomorrow I will be receiving an Edimax EW-7833UAC (purchased from my favorite online retailer for <$50) which allows inSSIDer to add some packet features. And I also used the sale to purchase a Wi-Spy DBx (3rd version, hardware only without Chanalyzer software nor directional antenna). That hardware will let me see into the 5GHz RF spectrum (in addition to slightly improved view of 2.4G), at least for the year until I have to decide whether to renew my Plus subscription. The DBx is a splurge for me while trying to support MetaGeek - in my case the best use of money is probably toward that packet adapter and ongoing MetaGeek Plus subscription. I might do a trial of Chanalyzer since my last use was around end of 2008, but my guess is that I’d find that the expense is not justified compared to inSSIDer which I really like. I briefly debated whether to get Wi-Spy Air instead of DBx but I try to stay relatively cheap. Analyzing at home isn’t a good use of time other than to reinforce my choice of channel 11 and gain experience. However, I hope to finally get around to studying my church’s RF and Wi-Fi channel utilization during this first year of my Plus subscription.


Thank you for the information. I’ll look at it in more detail.