SpaceX gets 886 Million from FCC to Subsidize Starlink

My parents live in a super, super rural area with no good internet access. Right now, they rely on a 3G/4G modem from a cell carrier. The data caps are brutal, but it’s almost too slow to ever hit those caps. I’d say that it provides basic email and messaging only - absolutely no streaming or video calling would work on it. Starlink is looking more and more like a viable option for them, and apparently, the FCC agrees!


Looks promising. Looks like 150 down, but can’t see up in the picture.

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In the tests I’ve seen on YouTube, people in the Pacific Northwest are seeing 50-80 down, and 30-50 up. Not bad… I’m only 40 down, and 2 up at my house on DSL!

I have Rogers 150/10 and pay about $117.00 (CDN), so getting 150 down and 10-30 up for $165.00 does not seen too bad