The FBI has a list of tips to help you reduce the security risks of hotel Wi-Fi

Hotels across the country have started offering daytime room rentals for people who need a quiet space now that they are teleworking during the pandemic.

This is a pretty cool idea, it helps out the hotels and could be a great alternative for people who can’t work from home. However, the FBI cautions that “hotel Wi-Fi poses an increased security risk over home Wi-Fi networks.”

Some of their security recommendations include:

  • Use a VPN
  • Use your phone’s hotspot instead of the Hotel WiFi
  • Make sure your device is current on security updates
  • Check that the sites you are browsing have HTTPS enabled
  • Try not to login to sensitive accounts like your bank

Check out the full list here:


Thanks for sharing this!


Thanks for this, @vanessa! I wonder if any Boise hotels have any teleworking discounts… :thinking:

True threat…

Wow, that was a pretty serious data breach. Definitely concerning