Thoughts on client as root visualization

Was just watching this webinar: Webinar: Real Time Packet Analysis with Tonic - YouTube

And it showed the client as a child below an AP. Example from Video is Networks>Joel’s Network>Office>Google Chromecast.
All good stuff. Makes sense.

What I am trying to troubleshoot is a client device which is picking the wrong AP.
So I thought it could be interesting to have a different kind of view of what happened. Starting with the client as the root.

Google Chromecast>Joel’s Network>Office
> data
> data
> data

In my case I’m testing a Playstation 5 which is about 6ft from my google nest router. And when I don’t specify 5ghz as the band to use in the PS5 settings. It will connect to a different google wifi router which is 31ft from PS5 and at 2.4ghz. Every time. The speeds are bad at 50-80mbps vs 400+ on 5ghz.

my surface laptop 3 on top of the PS5 sees 2.4ghz google wifi router 31ft away as -44dbm and google nest router 6ft away as -29dbm. I know the hardware is different etc.

I presume all the data is already captured, it’s just about presenting it from the clients point of view and timeline instead of the APs.