Update: inSSIDer 5.2.11

inSSIDer 5.2.11 is now available. The two most noticeable changes are:
#1 There are now buttons for both Network Dashboard and Jump to Starred Network.
#2 The Hover menu for drill-down and starring networks has been replaced with a larger in-line drill down button - just hover over a row to see the button. Selecting the row will keep the button visible. You should now be able to jump to any network, access point, or client that is shown anywhere within the app.

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Hi Ryan
So how do I obtain the update to 5.2.11. Don’t see any drop down for updates.
Rick D

Hi Rick, inSSIDer uses and automatic update-in-place system (like Chrome). The update will be downloaded in the background and applied. The app will notify you at the right side of the bottom status bar when an update has been downloaded and a restart is required. It will also notify you in the same place after an update has been applied and have a link to release notes. I’d post a screenshot, but I’m making this post from a Mac.

Shift-CMD-5 is selected screen capture, 4 is full screen

Welcome to the MetaGeek community! The Mac version of inSSIDer does not (yet) have the update in place feature, which is why I couldn’t post a screenshot from my Mac. Thank you!