Wi-Spy Air not recognizing WiFi6 Max Rate?


I have a 4-stream 11ax AP that has a 2402Mbps max rate (4SS/80MHz/MCS 11), confirmed in other beacon scanning tools. Air Viewer says it has a 1733Mbps max rate. This is an 11ac max rate (4SS/80MHz/MCS 9).

Please add 11ax beacon decode support. Max rate is useful to verify AP hardware capabilities based on the MCS rate table below. Thank you!


Hi Bruce,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! I have brought this up with our engineering team and await a resolution. Stay tuned!

Thank you for the detailed report and for sharing the table @brujo12d, and welcome to the MetaGeek Community! We’ll get this updated.

Thanks Brian!

This is great news! Air Viewer is a great product - this and few more beacon elements will make it that much more powerful as a wireless analysis tool.


–Bruce Johnson