Not reading the correct 4x4 W-Fi 6 maximum WR?

Hi there,
I’ve noticed when monitoring some AP’s which are 4x4 802.11AX that the maximum Wireless Rate is not correct. Wondering if this is an inSSIDer bug or incorrect Beacon packet configuration from the AP? Qualcomm Wi-Fi chipsets seem to measure correct maximum WR but some Broadcom or MediaTek based Wi-Fi chipsets don’t.

Examples of the error :

2.4GHz AP 4x4 AX, 40MHz, 4 streams,MCS 11 speed - Max WR indicated = 975Mbps but should be 1147Mbps for this AP configuration.

5GHz AP 4x4 AX, 160MHz, 4 streams,MCS 11 speed - Max WR indicated = 4083.3Mbps but should be 4804Mbps for this AP configuration.

Hi @clem,

Your current AP configuration / specification use a high Guard Interval (gap between transmision) it’s why inSSIDer report this lower data rate…

It’s not an error or a bug.

You can find below the full MCS table :

I hope that can help you.