Announcing Signifi Business

We’ve been talking to lots of IT admins who have had to do the “pandemic pivot”: they’ve gone from supporting a bunch of on-premise employees to supporting a bunch of nowhere-near-the-premises remote employees.

The move to remote has been, well… ok… but supporting Wi-Fi connectivity for remote (or even hybrid) employees is a huge hassle.

You have better things to do than go back and forth with end users on the phone like some horrible game of Who’s On First.

And your employees have better things to do than spend half the workday Googling “how to fix my Wi-Fi.”

That’s why we made Signifi Business : to give you visibility into remote employees’ networks, so both you and your users can get work done.

Here’s how Signifi Business saves IT admins, helpdesk agents, and end-user employees a whole boatload of time and frustration:

Signifi Agent

Employees install Signifi Agent, a lightweight desktop client that scans their network periodically and diagnoses any issues that arise.

Once they take a scan, they’ll see indicators about what they can expect from their Wi-Fi based on the scan results, and will be directed to front-line fixes they can try on their own.

Signifi Agent is currently available on Windows, with a Mac version coming in late July!


Meanwhile, while the employee is completing self-help guides, Signifi Agent also collects key network data and pushes it to your centralized admin dashboard.

Admins can view upload/download speed, signal strength, and key stats at a glance to keep tabs on struggling networks.

The data’s all there

That way, by the time the employee calls IT (if they even need to), they’ve already gone through all the basic steps, and you already have all the diagnostic data at your fingertips.

No more going back and forth on the phone trying to explain to your user how to run a command prompt.

If your IT department supports remote employees and you don’t have the bandwidth to take another helpdesk call about Wi-Fi, Signifi Business was built specifically for you.

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