Signifi Business is coming

We haven’t talked much publicly about Signifi for a couple of months now, and that’s because we’ve been busy little elves, building the next iteration of Signifi to provide quick and easy remote tech support for home Wi-Fi networks.

Individuals can already subscribe to the Personal tier for at-home Wi-Fi troubleshooting, but in just a few short weeks, Signifi Business will come out of its private beta, and IT admins will be able to start remotely diagnosing connectivity issues on employees’ Wi-Fi networks, no matter their location.

As part of the launch of Signifi Business, we’ve got some pretty big changes coming to both Signifi Agent (the desktop client for Windows and coming soon to Mac) and the Signifi cloud UI, where IT admins can view a dashboard of network stats by user.

Simplified workflow for Signifi Agent network scan

The old “Audit” workflow (which asked the remote user to take a scan in each room) has been replaced with the new “Single Scan” workflow. Basically, we ask the remote user which room they’re in, take a scan, and… that’s it. Once the user grabs a scan, they get indicators about what they’ll be able to use their Wi-Fi for, based on the scan results.

Automatic Scans

We’re also adding automatic daily scans, which will help keep your Signifi Dashboard stocked up with daily data from remote users. We also have plans to give you much more control over when to retrieve scans.

Redesigned Dashboard

Next, we’ve redesigned the Signifi Dashboard from the ground up. Seriously - we pretty much started over. The new design focuses on easy navigation, so you can quickly find users who are struggling with their home network.

Requirement Thresholds

We’ve also taken a cue from enterprise Wi-Fi network design, and implemented requirement thresholds. Just like when we design enterprise wireless networks, Signifi Business administrators will now be able to set requirement thresholds. For example, if you set a minimum requirement threshold of -67 dBm, every scan will be graded against that threshold. Higher signal strength is a pass, lower signal is a fail.

Requirement thresholds will be available for signal strength, throughput, latency, security type. We hope that this will allow you to quickly gauge whether a home network is healthy, or if it needs some help.

And just one more thing…

Signifi Agent for macOS

Mac users rejoice: Signifi Agent for macOS is almost here! It’s not quite ready for release, but it’s getting close. For now, we’re calling it a beta, since it has a subset of the features of Signifi Agent for Windows. Over the next few months, we plan to bring it up to feature parity with the Windows version. We’ll send out another message when this is available.