inSSIDer plans to support 6Ghz spectrum Wi-Fi 6E?

I have the Intel AX210 already installed in my laptop and have pre-ordered the new NETGEAR RAXE500 that should arrive sometime in March 2021. I’m very curious when inSSIDer plans to support the 6Ghz band.

Hi timwomble1,

This is a great question! From what I understand, 6e support in inSSIDer will come in two parts.

The first part will be to parse IE elements so inSSIDer can at least display 6e information for a network, such as channel, data rates, etc. This should be accomplished relatively quickly once our engineers can get their hands on some 6e APs and equipment.

The second part will be to graphically display the 6 GHz band in inSSIDer. Unfortunately I cannot give a timeline on this effort since I am not an engineer.

I hope this helps!