Clean Air - Noise level

I’m getting reports that users are unable to connect to a Cisco 2800 ap, I’ve checked on prime and there have been noted times where the noise is very high. This screen shot is from clean air, the site also has a Maraki which is using chaneel 6, from the attached screen shot, what is this showing me.


I have a Spectrum Recording but its over 6meg so doubt I will be able to upload it to here.

Hello martyn,

Can you please let me know what version of controller firmware you are using with the 2800?

Sure, once I log on in the morning I will find out and let you know, what’s your initial thoughts Casey?

Hi, we are using - AIR-CT5508-K9

Hi martyn,

Yeah, something doesn’t look right in the image… Can you send over the full .wsx recording to so we can take a closer look? I want to zoom out a bit and look at the entire 2.4 GHz band.