Anyone using Chanalyzer and/or Eye P.A. with Bootcamp

Hi Community,
Is anyone using, or tried using Chanalyzer and/or Eye P.A. under Bootcamp on a Mac? I’m looking to reduce the number of laptops in the arsenal and consolidating to a MacBook Pro is the preferred route. For some other tools I’ve verified that Bootcamp is a better option over VMs - looking for others’ experience here.

I use Bootcamp on Mac and love it! Chanalyzer and Eye P.A. run without any issues. I use the same Bootcamp volume in a VM software so I have the option to either boot directly in Windows or run in a VM. Booting into Windows directly is nice because it allows me to use the internal WiFi adapter for WiFi scanning. More info here:

MetaGeek Software in a Virtual Machine


Oh that’s awesome @casey, I didn’t know you could use the same volume in both a VM and Bootcamp. I might have to try this setup so I can use my internal WiFi adapter :muscle:

I currently have windows loaded on my VM and would like to utilize bootcamp as well so I don’t have to use an adapter. How do I set up the same windows volume on Bootcamp as well as Parallels?

Hi ccrawford,

From my understanding, you will need to set up the Boot Camp partition first and then use that partition in a VM software afterwards. I don’t believe it will work the other way around since you will need to partition your hard drive in Boot Camp to make the volume.

You can find more info on Apple Boot Camp here!