Understand product comparison / overlap


With your product list, I am a little confused in how the products overlap.
With your latest release of Tonic, it seems to do what inSSIDer does, and a little bit more? Is that right? i.e. would Tonic replace inSSIDer for me?

Then I see on your blog that Tonic “analysis application that blends the best of Chanalyzer, Eye P.A. and inSSIDer into a single tool”
yet, you offer the Enterprise subscription which is Tonic, Chanalyzer and Eye P.A., why would I get the 3 products when Tonic has been advertised to include the best of all 3?

Maybe a clear explanation here would help, or a comparison table of what features are in each.

I mean, the questions I have are… if I go to Tonic, will I retain all that I had in inSSIDer?
And if I get Tonic, why should I consider the Enterprise Suite?

Thank you,