Anyone using Chanalyzer and/or Eye P.A. with Bootcamp

Hi Community,
Is anyone using, or tried using Chanalyzer and/or Eye P.A. under Bootcamp on a Mac? I’m looking to reduce the number of laptops in the arsenal and consolidating to a MacBook Pro is the preferred route. For some other tools I’ve verified that Bootcamp is a better option over VMs - looking for others’ experience here.

I use Bootcamp on Mac and love it! Chanalyzer and Eye P.A. run without any issues. I use the same Bootcamp volume in a VM software so I have the option to either boot directly in Windows or run in a VM. Booting into Windows directly is nice because it allows me to use the internal WiFi adapter for WiFi scanning. More info here:

MetaGeek Software in a Virtual Machine


Oh that’s awesome @casey, I didn’t know you could use the same volume in both a VM and Bootcamp. I might have to try this setup so I can use my internal WiFi adapter :muscle: