Using 2 wi-spy adapters with chanalyzer

I have two wi-spy adapters (the second one is a rebranded Ekahau adapter). Can I use both with Chanalyzer? How can I check that the second device is recognized?
My purpose is to scan two frequencies more accurately.

Hey @eduroam! They should “just work”. If I remember correctly, when you plug them both in and start Chanalyzer, it should show two Wi-Spy devices down on the status bar, and it should go into “double rainbow” mode, where it shows a navigation waterfall for each band, but at full speed.

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Hi @Joel, greetings from the University of Milano, Italy. My name is Jan and tomorrow I am going to troubleshoot a biology lab building full of fridges, freezers, microwave ovens and rogue APs.
Thank you for your reply, I will check tomorrow morning and let you know. It would be handy to use both adapters.

Yes 2 wispy adapters work out of the box with Chanalizer.