Channel range is not correct for 5G 160GHz

My Wi-Fi is working at 802.11ax 5G 160GHz bandwidth with channel 52.

inSSIDer is showing my Wi-Fi as the screenshot blow. We can see the yellow dotted line of my Wi-Fi. It means the channel range of whole 160MHz bandwidth. My WiFi is working at channel 52 and the correct channel range should be 36~64.

It shows the channel of my WiFi is 58 [52]. I guess it means 52 is my current channel and 58 is the central channel of whole 160GHz frequency. But what I want to say is 58 not the correct central channel of my Wi-Fi.

The channel range marked with yellow dotted line is not correct. Is it a bug of inSSIDer?


Hi Logan,

Thanks for sharing this! It appears that inSSIDer is incorrectly displaying 160 MHz wide networks… Can you send over a .pcap of this network to so that our team can take a closer look? You can export a .pcap under File > Export Summary.