inSSIDer after 5.1 stared to behave weird when an AP changes channels


Some time ago inSSIDer worked perfectly: let’s assume I have an AP on channel 36 and I change it to channel 100 and reboot. Old one disappears, new one appears.

But somewhere since 5.1 I’ve noticed strange behaviour. The same use case: AP is running on channel 36, after reboot it picks up channel 100. After the AP is up again I get a very weird picture:

wrong data

If I go to AP details, it for some reason displays: channel: 42 [36] and that’s totally wrong. The only thing that helps is restarting inSSIDer, after the restart it correctly shows the AP as having channel 100, both on graphs and in AP details.

There’s something wrong going on as in 5.0 I didn’t have to restart inSSIDer to get chose changes displayed correctly.

Hello V,

Ah, this is probably due to the fact that inSSIDer is designed to “remember” every network it sees. In this case it remembered the network on the previous channel and extended it to the new channel. At the moment, the best thing to do is to exit and re-open inSSIDer to force a data refresh.

I will certainly bring this issue up with our product team. Thanks for reaching out!

@v.korytov Whoops! That would give you some serious bandwidth! :smile:
I have fixed this issue in version 5.1.23, so APs should be displayed correctly after changing channels.

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@ryan, @casey many thanks, installed 5.1.23 and right found one new problem that wasn’t there before. this is how it started to display a 80MHz point on channel 106 (100). I believe, this graph is offset one channel to the left.


my neighbor’s wifi at channel 36 also looks like one bar shifted to the left. 2.4GHz points seem okay though.

Good catch! I have reproduced that issue here too… it looks like most 80 MHz wide APs are being shifted left or right by one channel.

Alright… let’s try 5.1.24 to fix the shift… I had missed updating the frequency boundaries on one of the channel setting changes so the frequency boundaries were not always updated to the final settings.

thank you very much, seems that shift has gone for me as well in 5.1.24.

will be able to test AP channel switching a bit later, will update if I’ll see something wrong.

Excellent! Let me know if anything is still amiss.

Some marketing director at TP-Link just saw that channel graph and shrieked with joy just thinking about printing “360 MHz CHANNEL WIDTH” on their boxes.


:rofl: Happy to do our part to bring joy to everyone’s lives!