Inssider on macos and M2 Pro not showing channel 13 and sometimes also chanel 52?


Might be that I am doing something wrong, my inssider for mac is behaving very weird.
due to channel reservation by my neighbors (usually channel 1, 6 and 11), I moved my SSID to channel 13 with narrow band 20Mhz, Also on 5G I set it to free channel 52. Funny thing is that Inssider for macos is not showing those, especially channel 13. In case of channel 52 it was only showed once and it again disappear from the view.

You can see from the picture that I am connected ro my SSID is on 5GHz yet it is not presented…
When it comes to 2,4GHz SSID, it’s the same thing

most likely there is a bug in the app.

P.S Since this app is in beta, and I haven’t seen any updates for some time, is this app completely abandoned by the developer or?

If not, how can I export logs and perhaps send it to developer for debugging?

(one thing worth mentioning, location service is enabled and allowed for Inssider app.)