Do i need my wifi enabled and connected

I have Chanalyzer and the WiSpy DBx device. To measure interference and such, do i have to have my laptops wifi adapter enabled and connected to our wifi, or can i keep it disabled and just use the WiSpy DBx adapter to do all the measurements, etc??

Ive used the product before, but this question literally jumped into my head, and i dont know the answer.

Thanks much,

Hi J!

You’ll want it enabled, so Chanalyzer can use it for Wi-Fi scanning. Whether you’re connected to a network or not does not matter - it will scan just fine even if it is connected. It will negatively impact throughput on that adapter though.

More info here: Wi-Fi Scanning Versus Spectrum Data in Chanalyzer – MetaGeek Support

Gotcha, thanks Joel.

so, have my wispy plugged into my USB port, and my wifi card (its a laptop BTW) enabled and run chanalyzer. Thanks agai,