How to move Channelizer to a new computer

My notebook was given a new profile by IT for security purposes and Channelizer no longer runs. I get an error message indicating a file is missing. IT says the original installation is tied to the old profile and I need to reinstall. I have the installation file but do not recall my license key. Do I need the key to reinstall?

Hi bruce.blais,

Yes, eventually you will need the license key to reinstall on a new machine. Remember that you can activate up to 5 machines with one license key of MetaGeek software. You can manage your license activations (and a lot of other stuff) via your MetaGeek account here. If your key is registered to a different email, please reach out to to reassign the key to a new email.

It sounds like the missing file might be a separate issue though. Can you see if this slightly older version of Chanalyzer here installs without error? You may have to uninstall the current version of Chanalyzer first…