Multiple registration requests

I installed the chanalyzer on my PC. Sometimes, with no apparent reason, a new registration is required.
I can repeat for the third time the registration, provided that I don’t consume another licence (we have only 5 licenses if I’m not wrong).
Could you please help me to avoid this problem?
Thank you

Hi Roberto,

Hmm, this usually happens if Chanalyzer loses connection to the internet or our licensing servers. If you are behind a network proxy or firewall, please allow traffic from both or on ports 80 and 443 or try registering on a different network.

As for activations, you can activate up to 5 machines with one license key of MetaGeek software. You can manage your license activations (and a lot of other stuff) via your MetaGeek account at ( Please reach out to if you need the license reassigned to a different email!