HP Printers Broadcasting Their Own Wi-Fi Network

Many HP Printers will broadcast their own Wi-Fi Network, allowing users to connect directly to the printer instead of going through the regular network (Wi-Fi or Ethernet). While this adds convenience, IF the printer is also connected to your local network it is not as secure.

If a hacker gained access to the printer through its Wi-Fi network, the hacker can easily get to the rest of your network through the printer’s network connection. We recommend NOT having the printer accessible via Wi-Fi Direct if it is also on your local network (via Ethernet or Wi-Fi).

If you choose to turn off the Direct Wi-Fi network on HP printers, the printer can still be connected to your network via Wi-Fi. For instructions for specific HP printer models, I recommend searching for the phrase "disable Wi-Fi direct for HP printer " for your specific model.

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Why would you expose your printer to other network access if you are relying on Wifi Direct. Isn’t that the whole point and also redundant to have all those interfaces active? Disconnect from your local Wifi network and/or unplug the ethernet cable.

@gmolson1 That’s a good point! I have updated the post to account for situations where the printer is NOT on the local Wi-Fi network and is ONLY accessible via Wi-Fi Direct.

The message shown in inSSIDer 5.1.16 has been tweaked to also mention this is only a problem if Wi-Fi Direct is enabled and the printer is connected to the local network.

The only reason i had both on was so we all could print from iPhone’s and iPads. I forget the reason now, but it wouldn’t work through the local wi-fi network.