How to deactivate wifi completely from HP Printer

Hi I am electrosensitive - feel ill when near wifi. On our new HP Printer we have deactivated the wifi, wifi direct and yet it is still blasting wifi - wifi report shows Wifi On - FAIL, the wifi antenna shows ‘Not connected’ - which means searching but unable to find as we have no wifi modem in the house, and the Acoustimeter to measure the levels is at the maximum.

4 years ago we had this same problem and I called the local HP Technical Services who were able to talk me through what to do on the phone, 5 mins later - all good. The person confirmed that inside the printer there is a small antenna that needed to also be deactivated.

I have called the HP Technical Services now and they say other than the wifi off and wifi direct off, they don’t know …

Would really appreciate any help as we are unable to switch this new printer on without me feeling really bad.

Hi Linda,
It Wi-Fi Direct still being enabled.
There’s another section where the broadcast can be disabled.
I forget the specifics of the Menu UI but I think it was in a different section from Network.