inSSIDer 5.3.24 consistently crashes every few hours

I am on a PRO trial right now on a Win 10 Pro 64bit machine with literally all latest Windows and driver updates. The machine is reliable otherwise and still under warranty. Every few hours of inSSIDer runtime (between 1h and 10h), I find inSSIDer 5.3.24 has crashed per attached image.

Anyone with resolutions or ideas on this?

I’ve created a ticket for Metageek Support, but I fear they won’t get to it within my trial period and I am hoping to avoid the gut wrenching pay/not pay decision at the end of my trial since the tool is functionally superb … when it doesn’t crash. And I’ve already paid for the WiSpy DBx and the Edimax packet capture interface.

Hello lexx1,

Every few hours of inSSIDer runtime (between 1h and 10h)

Unfortunately inSSIDer is not intended to be ran for more than an hour or so at a time. If you are, then it is recommended to ensure that all WiFi adapters including your internal adapter are set to not sleep.

A better and more robust tool for up to 24 hour monitoring would be something like Chanalyzer + Wi-Spy here.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi @lexx1, thanks for reporting this issue. We’ve released inSSIDer 5.4.0, and I would like to see if you still experience this issue on your machine. Would you be willing to check for us?

If your trial has run out, let us know and we can assist.

As for long-term monitoring with inSSIDer, while we didn’t design it specifically to run continuously, we do expect to run for a reasonably long amount of time without crashing. We would like to get this fixed, so you can run it for a day at a time if you like.


Glad to hear it, @Joel. Hopefully you found the root crashing cause. And sure, would be happy to test on the same machine and in the same environment that caused the previous crashing. I have 5.4.0 now installed, but yes, my trial has run out by now. I think you have access to my account email/userid from the forum account info, correct?

Hey @lexx1, I’ve got your email address. We’ll be in touch.