INSSIDER HOME- Score misleading

I did the suggested “real time comparison” of the Primary Channels (1,6,11), by FILTERING ONLY those to be isolated in the network list.

With my network set on Ch-1, I compared the SCORES on each of the other two (6,11) choices. INSSIDER was recommending a move to Ch-6, which had a LOW Score of about “8” , very few Co-Channel members, but a huge number of Over-lapping channels - compared to Ch-11 (at that moment) with a much Higher Score of about “23”, far more Channel queued users, but … practically no Over-lapers.
— I don’t know how INSIDER HOME “places its bets on this WiFi horse race” but I would have switched to the HIGHER Scoring Ch-11, with VERY few noise-causing Over-lappers, and tolerated waiting for my message’s turn to be sent from that Channel’s larger queue.

That is, I question the program’s “suggestion capability” when it chose the VERY much LOWER Scoring Ch-6.
Perhaps the INSSIDER Home Bookee, needs investigating, or I am missing something on how box scores are compared, when it makes a Channel Change
Still a great program - very informative - definitely fun to use.