Channel Utilization diffrent between Chanalzer 6 and InSSIDer


I bought the Chanalyzer 6 and the Oscium WiPry. Before that I always used the Metageek WiSpy, Edimax AC1750 and InSSIDer Office. I’m currently at an event with over 1000 users and need to monitor the WiFi. I have to find devices that don’t comply with the 1,6,11 rule in the 2.4GHz band or monitor the density. This always went well and quickly with the InSSIDer Office and WiSpy.
Unfortunately, this is not so easy to find with the Chanalyzer, as no channels are shown for the SSIDs in the network overview and there is no option to show SSID names in the graphical overview.
I’m now doing this again with the InSSIDer, which unfortunately doesn’t support WiPry → no density display. The Chanalyzer is probably not made for that.
What I notice is that the channel utilization is displayed very low in the Chanalzer (see photo). In the WLAN controller, for example, channel 6 is displayed with approx. 90% utilization (very high). Only 56.8% is displayed in Chanalzer. The InSSIDer correctly shows 89.4%.
What’s the big difference here?


Hey theitnet

Interesting and worryingly. Have you tried WiSpy with Chanalyzer 6 and see if the channel utilization matches with the WLAN controller? If it does, then probably there’s some coding bug or integration between Chanalyzer 6 and Oscium WiPry. Just my guess.